Should you exercise while sick? Um, NO!

I’ve been telling my clients, gym members in general, and anyone else who will pretend to listen, to not engage in real exercise when they’re sick. Besides being rude (like everyone around you wants to be exposed to your virus or bacterial infection), you are taking energy away from your own immune response weakening your ability to fight off the infection. Well here’s the science behind it:

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Training Elite Athletes- Be Brilliant at the Basics


This is so true. Too many people in the gym are trying to skip all the progressions and go from beginner to advanced way too fast, and it seems they never stop to ask why their bodies look exactly the same 12 months later. Trainers are extremely culpable in this farce. The “fear” of not keeping up with the other trainers and/or boring the client perpetuates this ridiculous state. Too many adults have confused the point of working out with entertainment. This isn’t camp.

Originally posted on Michael Boyle's Blog:

Training Elite Athletes- Be Brilliant at the Basics

( Editors note- my good friend Dewey Nielsen wrote this as an MMA article. It was so good I edited it to apply to all sports)

What works best for an athlete? Linear or undulating periodization? Kettlebells or dumbbells? Olympic lifts from the floor or hang? What do you do for conditioning?

I get questions like these a lot and usually my answer comes down to “it doesn’t matter”. I am not saying that undulating periodization doesn’t work or kettlebells are worthless. What I am saying is these things only matter once you are “Brilliant at the Basics”. You must first understand a few things:

What is strength?
What is endurance?
What is power?
What is power endurance?
What is speed?
What is agility?
What is mobility?
What is anaerobic and aerobic conditioning?

What are all of these things and how should we train them? Where do these components…

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